KOSPEN Programme At Pusat Internet

16 Januari 2020 | Aktiviti Terkini

Wednesday, 15th January 2020 - MCMC with the support of the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MoH) will introduce the Komuniti Sihat Perkasa Negara (KOSPEN) programme. This strategic collaboration is aimed towards empowering the communities in adopting and promoting healthy lifestyles.The pilot programme was conducted at 26 Pusat Internet (PI) within Selangor from October 2017 until April 2018 and has benefited more than 2,500 local communities (source: MCMC IPR 2018).

What is KOSPEN?

Komuniti Sihat Perkasa Negara (KOSPEN), is the transformation of public health services to improve the health of Malaysians. The implementation is based on volunteers (GSiM) from the community to act as an agent to mobilize society towards healthy lifestyles and prevent noncommunicable diseases.



In view of its positive outcomes, MCMC would like to extend the KOSPEN programme to 10 selected Pusat Internets' involved in the PoC. Conceptually, under the KOSPEN programme, PI will enable local communities to experience the basic health screening services conducted by certified PI Manager or Assistant Manager. The training to the PI staff will be conducted by MoH Officers. Therefore, KOSPEN Programmed was held at Pusat Internet Kg. Quop, Kota Samarahan on 15 January 2020 (Wednesday) from 8.30am until 5.30pm. KOSPEN programmed in PI Kg. Quop involved 10 Pusat Internet from Kuching Cluster which are as below;

The purpose of this programme are:

KOSPEN programmed was successfully held and trained PIs staff as an agent/health volunteer in future ahead.

Berikut adalah gambar sepanjang aktiviti ini dijalankan:




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